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Here We Go Again

Saturday, November 17th, 2012

This post is twofold, regarding the title of the post.

First, I’m crawling back in an attempt to actually get this site up-and-running on a regular basis. The reason for this delay is that the person that was going to be the main writer for this blog, my brother Brian, passed away a year and a half ago, and my focus has been elsewhere. I’m sure I’ll comment more on that at some future point. I guess its up to me to continue this, although I’ll never be able to take the world’s happenings, and put them into words that make sense to the common man, as my brother could. Not that he, nor I, consider(ed) us anything but common men ourselves. Our successes, downfalls and experiences have made us realize that “common man” is a huge compliment. More on that too, at a later date.

Part two of the subject line is actually relevant to this blog’s name, and you likely know where I’m heading, as our old friends Israel and Hamas are now escalating tensions once again. No surprise there, eh?

Anyways, I’m calling it a day, hoping yours has been a good one.


The War Among the Citizens of Your Country

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010

I read world news, and pay particular attention to the U.S. and my own Canada. But it is a widespread disease, and if I lived in the U.S. I would be looking over my shoulder; not at outsiders, but my own countrymen. Say it aint so.


Waiting for war …

Saturday, September 19th, 2009

Hot dang, we might have found a couple that are worthy of our launch.

Waiting for war …

Stay tuned.